• * Reval form & Copy View form(MBA 4th Semester) is live from 12-Dec-2021 to 17-Dec-2021 11:00 PM.

    * Reval form & Copy View form is live from
    04-Dec-2021 to 11-Dec-2021 11:00 PM.

    *Result lived:- 1)B.Tech., B. Design, B.Arch.(Ist Sem Main) 2)MBA, M.Tech., B. Design, B.Arch.(III Sem Main) 3)B.Arch.(Vth Sem Main).

    *Internal Assessment & Practical(2nd, 4th & 6th Semester 'UG' Courses) Mark Entry Will be Starting from 18-AUG-2021 to 27-AUG-2021.

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